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ID-V Successfully completed

The InterDrought-V (ID-V) was successfully held during Feb 21-25, 2017 at Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC), Hyderabad. This conference brought more than 900 delegates from 315 organizations from 56 countries and has become the biggest ID-V held so far as well as the biggest event hosted by ICRISAT. This conference had a very rich scientific programme presenting high quality science. The conference included 23 invited and 26 contributory presentations across 8 sessions. In addition to the main conference, 55 presentations in 8 workshops and one panel discussion was also organised. Furthermore we had about 500 posters in two sessions that enabled young researchers to present their work and interact with eminent scientists.

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Glimpses of ID-V can be seen on Flickr as follows:
Inaugural session
Inaugural dinner
Workshop 1: Abiotic stress tolerance in cereals
Workshop 2: Abiotic stress tolerance in legumes
Workshop 3: Tolerance to Heat Stress for Crop Improvement
Workshop 4: Genetic Engineering for Abiotic Stress
Workshop 5: GWAS and GS for Crop Improvement
Workshop 6: Drought Stress and Aflatoxin Contamination in crops
Workshop 7: IPPN workshop on precision phenotyping for improved stress tolerance
Panel Discussions on Climate Smart Agriculture
Session I: Setting the biophysical context: climatic/soil constraints
Session II: Maximising dryland crop production – crop design
Session III: Plant productivity under drought I Effective capture of water
Poster Session I
Session IV: Plant productivity under drought II Transpiration efficiency
Session V: Plant productivity under drought III Vegetative Growth
Workshop 8: Next Generation Genomics & Molecular Breeding Platforms
Gala Dinner
Session VI: Reproductive development, yield, yield quality
Session VII: Breeding for water-limited environments
Poster Session II
Session VIII: Agronomic management / cropping systems for water-limited environments, broad approaches
Concluding Session

Welcome to InterDrought-V in India !

Drought is weather-related natural disaster, which affects vast regions for months or years and has impact on food production. Drought is related to a deficiency of precipitation over a season or an extended period of time. The most immediate consequence is a fall in crop production, due to inadequate and poorly distributed rainfall.

Given the severity of drought, a central challenge for researchers and policy makers is to device technologies that lend greater resilience to agricultural production under this stress.

InterDrought conferences, in view of above, serve as a platform for presenting and debating key issues and strategies relevant for improving drought and other stress tolerance in crops. The main mission of the conference is to explore the possibilities of scientific and technological applications in crop improvement.

In continuation of earlier InterDrought Conferences held in France (ID-I, 1995), Italy (ID-II, 2005), China (ID-III, 2009) and Australia (ID-IV, 2013), the next InterDrought Conference, InterDrought-V, is being organized in India.

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