CEG's Vision is to make it possible for agricultural breeding & research programs to fully utilize modern genomics tools in developing countries.
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5th NGGIBCI - 2015
4th NGGIBCI - 2014
VI ICLGG - 2012
3 NGS Workshop - 2012
2 NGS Workshop - 2010
1 NGS Workshop- 2009
2 MAS Workshop- 2010
AAGB - 2008
About the CEG

Efficient plant breeding requires high-throughput allele determination at low cost for better prediction of an individual’s phenotype from its genotype. This is the primary reason for the establishment of ICRISAT’s Center of Excellence in Genomics (CEG). To cater the needs of molecular breeding community, the CEG has three main components i.e. applied genomics research and sequencing, high quality marker genotyping services and capacity building in modern genomics and molecular breeding.


Director's note CEG Team

Genomics can revolutionize breeding and research, but for this to become a reality, scientists must be allowed to focus on the research problem, and not on the technology. The CEG is enabling this possible by making the highly sophisticated equipment required for this research available to scientists.

By offering genotyping and sequencing service on cost-to-cost basis, coupled with support in data analysis and interpretation, CEG is committed to enhance adoption of genomics in breeding programmes to increase yield.


State of art facilities


Sequencing Platform


SSR Genotyping Platform


 DArT Genotyping Platform


SNP Genotyping Platform


  NGS Platform

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Participants in Training courses

 Director Rajeev K Varshney
Principal Scientist
Applied Genomics
 Senior Manager Annapurna(Anu) Chitikineni
Sequencing, Informatics & Services Unit
 Genomics Mahendar Thudi
Senior Scientist
Chickpea Genomics
  Rachit K Saxena
Senior Scientist
Applied Genomics
Himabindu Kudapa
Genomics & Molecular Breeding
  Manish K Pandey
Groundnut Genomics
  Manish Roorkiwal
Genomics & Molecular Breeding
  Pallavi Sinha
Special Project Scientist
  PT Lekha
Special Project Scientist
  Spurthi Nayak
Special Project Scientist
 Computational  Genomics Gaurav Agarwal
Special Project Scientist
  Sandip Kale
Special Project Scientist
  Prasad Bajaj
Scientific Officer
  Aamir W Khan
Research Associate
 Molecular  Breeding Vikas K Singh
Special Project Scientist
  Rakesh K Srivastava
Principal Scientist
  Santosh P Deshpande
Senior Scientist
 Breeding Informatics Abhishek Rathore
Senior Scientist
 Collaborators HD Upadhyaya
Principal Scientist
Head Genebank
  Pooran Gaur
Principal Scientist
Chickpea Breeding
  A Ashok Kumar
Senior Scientist
Sorghum Breeding
  SK Gupta
Senior Scientist
Pearl Millet Breeding
  Vincent Vadez
Principal Scientist
Crop Physiology
  Mamta Sharma
Senior Scientist
Legumes Pathology
  P Janila
Scientist-Groundnut Breeding
  Shivali Sharma
Scientist - Genetic Resources
  S. GopalaKrishnan
Senior Scientist - Bioproducts
 Administrative  Services B. Manjula
Administrative Officer
  B. Poornima Reddy
Senior Administrative Associate
  B. Anjaiah
Senior Administrative Associate
 Laboratory Staff Bryan J Moss
Technical Officer
  M. Sriswathi
Senior Scientific Officer
  V. Suryanarayana
Research Associate
Junior Research Fellow
  Swathi Parupalli
Research Scholar
  Vanika Garg
Research Scholar
  Fida Alo
Research Scholar
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