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4th NGGIBCI - 2014
VI ICLGG - 2012
3rd NGS Workshop - 2012
2nd NGS Workshop - 2010
1st NGS Workshop- 2009
2nd MAS Workshop- 2010
AAGB - 2008
  Capacity building

Training Courses:

Training in modern genomics and molecular breeding

The CEG offers courses and workshops to provide scientists/researchers updated information on application of novel genomics technology in crop research and breeding. These courses are specifically designed to address the requirements of users of the CEG's high-throughput Genotyping Service Lab. This includes experimental design, sample submission and data analysis. Genomics applications covering from molecular markers and marker-based diversity assessment to gene/QTL/trait mapping and marker-assisted breeding. Construction of genetic linkage maps, QTL mapping based on purpose-created populations, and association (LD) mapping using breeding lines or germplasm accessions are covered, as is use of decision support systems for plant breeding. Courses also provide an introduction to cluster analysis and construction of dendrograms, diversity analysis software and next generation sequencing and bioinformatics tools. As a part of CoE grant from Department of Biotechnology, the CEG has offered 9 training courses. Altogether so far, a total of 227 scientists (including 57 female scientists) including 182 scientists from National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) institutes/ State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), DBT and other centres and private research organizations/ foundations, and 45 scientists from 16 developing countries of Africa and Asia have been trained in modern genomics and molecular breeding.

Details about different training courses:

First Course: Molecular Marker Applications in Crop Genetics and Breeding (17-28 March 2008)
Second Course: Molecular Marker Applications in Crop Genetics and Breeding (31 March-11 April 2008)
Third Course: Molecular marker applications in crop genetics and breeding ( 6-24 October, 2008)
Fourth Course: Molecular Methodologies for Assessing and Applying Genetic Diversity in Crop Breeding (16-27 November, 2009)
Fifth Course: Molecular Marker Technology or Crop Improvement (18-29 May, 2009)
Sixth Course: Application of Genomics Technologies in Plant Breeding (16-27 November, 2009)
Seventh Course: Molecular Tools for Crop Improvement (10-21 May, 2010)
Eigth Course: Application of Molecular Markers in Crop Improvement(8-19 November, 2010)
Ninth Course: Molecular Plant Breeding for Crop Improvement (7-18 November, 2011)
Tenth Course: Modern genomics for crop improvement (29 July - 9 August, 2013)
Eleventh Course: Next Generation Sequencing Technologies for Crop Improvement
                                  (24 Nov - 05 Dec, 2014)

Details of Training paticipants till August 2013

Impact of training:

We have received feedback from course participants on the usefulness of the courses offed so far. It is very encouraging as most of the participants are greatly benefited and have started employing the softwares they learnt in their research programs.

Workshops/ Conferences:

1. 4th NGGIBCI - 2014

2. VI ICLGG - 2012

3. 3rd NGS Workshop - 2012

4. 2nd NGS Workshop - 2010

5. 1st NGS Workshop- 2009

6. 2nd MAS Workshop- 2010

7. AAGB - 2008

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