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Conference programme, very rich in scientific content, has a total 60 oral presentations of which 26 (43%) are invited and 34 (57%) are selected from the abstracts submitted.

Conference delegates, other than above who are making presentations, have been selected for poster presentation. Please check your name and details of poster presentation at
Please note that poster presenters also have 60 sec window to highlight their work in the plenary session. Posters presentations theme wise are scheduled on 3 October 2012 and 4 October 2012 starting from
16.00 -19.00 hrs.

Details about different type of presentations are available at
http://www.icrisat.org/gt-bt/VI-ICLGG/Abstract.htm and prepare your presentation accordingly.

VI ICLGG conference program would start in the evening of October 2, 2012 and would conclude in the evening of October 7, 2012

To download pdf of the Program please click here    To download Pdf of e-Abstract book Click here


  Inaugural Speaker

Dr. Richard A. Dixon
(Member of US National Academy of Science)
Distinguished Professor and Samuel Roberts Noble Research Chair,
Senior Vice President,
Plant Biology Division Director,
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, USA

  Scientific Workshops
1. The Small Regulatory World:RNAs and Peptides

2. Tropical Legumes

3. FabaTropiMed

4. Peanut Genome Project

5. Mungbean









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