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(PLEASE NOTE THAT only abstracts received before July 31, 2012 will be printed in the Abstract Book of the conference)
Like overwhelming response on registration, we received a large number of abstracts and in many cases more than one per registered participant. Therefore, participants who submitted more than one abstract are requested to inform Dr Manish Pandey (m.pandey@cgiar.org) with cc to iclgg2012@gmail.com which abstract (with attachment) needs to be selected for presentation in the meeting.

Detailed instructions for Presentations
The official language of the conference is English. There are three types of presentations, as mentioned below, in the conference. Please check Program page (http://www.icrisat.org/gt-bt/VI-ICLGG/Program.htm) to know the type of your presentation. Please note following instructions while preparing your presentation:

1. 30 minutes oral presentation by Invited/featured speakers
Invited speakers will have 25 minutes (+ 5 min. discussion) in each session. Invited speakers are requested to close their presentation in 25 min.

2. 15 minutes oral presentations selected from the abstracts
It is planned to select about 35- 40 presentations from the abstracts submitted. All submitted abstracts for poster presentation are being assigned to different themes to the conference and will be evaluated by experts (from international organizing committee). Following criteria are being followed to select abstract for oral presentation: significance and quality of research, representation of themes, country, young generation and gender appropriately.

We are expecting to inform the abstract submitters about selection of their abstracts around August 20, 2012.

Abstracts selected for oral presentation have strictly 15 minutes for the presentation. These presenters are requested to restrict presentation to only 10 slides in 12-13 minutes. The last 2- 3 min should be left for discussions. No need for detailed introduction in such presentation, presenters need to present the highlights of their work.

3. One Minute oral presentation slot and poster presentation:
All the remaining abstracts (after shortlisting of 15 min presentations) will be presented as posters. We have dedicated 3 hours sessions on Oct 3 and Oct 4 for poster presentations. All the poster presenters will be given 60 seconds for presenting highlights of their research work.

These 60 seconds are to be taken literally: the presenters will be given only 60 seconds in a timed one-minute presentation-and not a second more! This 60-second slot is your 'display window' to tell the audience what your poster is about, and why they should come to view it. Presenters may use only their presentation-making skills, charm, wit and creativity. Please note that PowerPoint slides are not allowed, nor transparencies. However, any other, and more 'unusual' visual aids are most certainly welcome. The only limit is your own imagination and creativity: we're leaving it to you to use your precious minute entirely as you wish, employing any means you deem necessary to lure an audience to your poster. For further assistance, please contact Dr Trushar Shah (tm.shah@cgiar.org) with cc to iclgg2012@gmail.com

In addition to above 60 sec presentation, poster presenter will be displaying their poster. They need to take a note of following:

(i) Poster size: 40 x 30 inches (height x width). Posters in landscape posters are not allowed.

(ii) Poster presenters will be responsible for the installation and removal of posters on the assigned board. We recommend using double sided tape that will be provided by volunteers on site.

(iii) The Organizing Committee and the Executive Secretariat will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to installation, removal of posters on site, for the costs of printing, transportation and accommodations related to the poster presentation.









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